Heat Pump Repairs and Servicing

Enjoy a cosy temperature at home with the best heat pump maintenance and repairs in the UK. Similar to your gas boiler or vehicle, heat pumps need regular servicing to retain maximum economic efficiency.

Your heat pump will use up to 25% more energy if you neglect to service it regularly. In fact, it is more likely to break down, leading to more costly repairs.

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK engineers have a working background in all aspects of heating pumps and hot water systems. That means they are thoroughly qualified in the diagnosis of faults and are ideally prepared to identify and advise you on the most cost-effective repair options.

At The Mittens Heat Pumps UK, we always aim to keep costs competitive; however, in times of high demand, our customers with a valid service agreement receive lower costs for engineer call-outs as well as enjoy higher priority.

For quality heat pump repairs and maintenance services, look to The Mittens Heat Pumps UK heating specialists. Call 01273257407 for immediate heat pump servicing and repair in the UK.

Diagnosing Heat Pump Problems and Repairs

With heat pumps being an emerging technology in the UK, too many installations have been performed by companies with little experience which means that heat pump systems do not necessarily operate as efficiently as they might or have other inherent problems which can cause operating problems.

As we carry out heat pump servicing and repair works across the UK, our engineers have also discovered that some heat pump systems have not been serviced for a long while because the initial contractor is no longer in operation or the property has changed hands.

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK troubleshoots and repairs heat pump systems for domestic and commercial clients across the UK.

For property owners and insurance providers, we conduct comprehensive reviews on heat pumps describing every part of the system, defining the issues and recommend the remedial course of action with expected costs.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of Heat Pumps Services
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What are the Maintenance Requirements of a Ground Source Heat Pump?

Clean the supply and return registers and check if the fins are bent. If this is the case, straighten them. In addition, you should engage the services of a professional heat pump technician to service your heat pump at least once every year.

The heat pump technician will do the following: check for debris and other obstructions in the ducts, blower, pipes, and indoor coil.

Heat Pumps don’t Require Much Maintenance

Heat pumps need less maintenance than heating systems that depend on fossil fuel combustion. The ground heat exchanger portion of a ground source heat pump installation is expected to last at least 50 years!

Log Your Heat Pump’s Performance Once a Year

Once a year monitor and log the following:

  • The power consumption
  • The temperature of the hot water tank
  • The temperature of the heat exchanger returning water (cold)
  • The temperature of the heat exchanger cold refrigerant
  • The temperature of the hot water tank
  • The temperature of the hot boiler tank exiting the refrigerant and temperature outside

By monitoring and logging your heat pump’s performance, you can then know if it’s working the way it is supposed to or not, you can easily discover problems early and help improve its performance.

If it goes Beyond the Recommended Levels we Would Recommend Scheduling an Appointment with our Engineers

Usually, the heat pumps are low maintenance systems. However, if any of the following issues arise, the heat pump may have reached the end of its life cycle:

  • The machine is over 15 years old.
  • Equipment requires repeated repairs to work well.
  • Your home is experiencing problems with the humidity.
  • Energy bills are on the rise.
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Keep your Heat Pump Running Efficiently with Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Like other heating systems, you need to make sure your heating system is working at peak efficiency. Although advances in heat pump technology have made heat pumps such that they rarely develop faults, we strongly recommend that you have a professional heat pump technician service your system regularly.

Regular servicing and maintenance will help you to avoid any potential problems that could lead to call-outs, costly repairs, and reduced efficiency.

We at The Mittens Heat Pumps UK offer the highest standard in maintenance and servicing of heat pumps. We are a specialist heat pump company and offer our services in the UK. For timely, competitively priced, efficient heat pump repairs and maintenance services, call 01273257407.

Regular Maintenance by Trained Professionals will Minimise Heat Pump Repairs

Getting your heat pump serviced by a licensed engineer once a year, means that after the first year you retain your guarantee.  Whether you have a complete central heating system installed or just require a pump, only trust a qualified professional for the installation.

As experienced engineers, The Mittens Heat Pumps UK has the knowledge, skill, and equipment to safely and efficiently install your heating pump. We also have the skills to troubleshoot problems and take action before any issue gets bad enough to become something more serious.

Let the experts help you avoid future repairs by detecting problems early on. By hiring The Mittens Heat Pumps UK to repair and service, you save energy as our engineer checks how efficiently your heat pump is running.

With our 10 years of experience and expertise, we ensure our professional engineers give you the best advice. Please get in touch with us by calling 01273257407.

It is Recommended that you Service your Renewable System Once a Year

It is a common maintenance procedure for all renewable-energy projects to check the quality of mechanical and electrical connections at least once annually. Loose or corroded connections may result in decreased performance and may create safety hazards in extreme situations.

By properly maintaining your renewable technology, you can ensure that complex controls are properly set and stop the development of faults to ensure that your renewable technology operates as efficiently as possible to help you save on your energy bills and gain the maximum amounts from government tariffs.

The renewable energy expert service team from The Mittens Heat Pumps UK will ensure that your heat pump system runs safely and efficiently. We offer customers across the UK an array of renewable service and repair packages on a variety of renewable technologies.

Whether you are looking for a full annual package or a once-off service, we have an option for you at The Mittens Heat Pumps UK.

To find out more or book for servicing or repair, contact us today on phone number  01273257407, whether you’ve had your device installed by The Mittens Heat Pumps UK or someone else, we’d be delighted to give you one of our maintenance packages.

Contacting us directly is the best way to keep your heat pumps running at maximum efficiency. Contact us by telephoning us on 01273257407 to discuss your options and requirements directly with one of our renewable consultants. We will provide you with detailed pricing and turnaround times.

Our Heat Pump Services

Domestic Heat Pump Maintenance Contracts

Although it is not common for our customers to have issues with heat pumps, we know that everyone needs peace of mind and no one wants to go without heating or hot water.

In all of our service contracts, an annual health check is included to help ensure that your heat pump continues to run at its maximum efficiency and can be an important requirement for manufacturer warranty’s validity.

All maintenance clients with heat pumps benefit from reduced call-out fees as well as an annual health check.

Heat pumps represent a carbon-efficient form of space heating if properly maintained. Call us on 01273257407 for a more thorough analysis of your specifications.

Renewable Servicing and Maintenance

While a well-engineered and properly built heat pump is essentially a durable and stable system, there could be defects in the equipment and communication, along with unintended breakages. It’s critical to keep your sustainable heating system well maintained to optimise efficiency and reliability.

You can book with us online. We support and service systems that we have installed as well as those that were installed by those who have other service plans intended to keep the system properly maintained and functional.

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Repairs of Domestic and Commercial Heat Pumps

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK has over 10 years of experience installing and servicing domestic and commercial heat pump systems, so you know you’re in good hands. We work on ground source heat pumps as well as air source heat pumps.

We can repair and service almost any make and model as service partners for manufacturers such as Danfoss, Mitsubishi, NIBE, Dimplex, Dimplex, and Thermia.

Our heat pump engineers have repaired domestic heat pumps that had been given up by others and successfully troubleshoot and repair commercial heat pump systems.

Repairs of all Types of Heat Pumps

There are several different components that make a domestic heating pump function and if your central heating system is to run at peak efficiency, it’s important for all of them to be in good working order.

Bring your heating systems back to their maximum with The Mittens Heat Pumps UK servicing, repairing and maintenance available across the UK. With The Mittens Heat Pumps UK heat pump replacements, you should expect the heat pump to:

  • Reduce the amount of time needed to operate a normal cooling and heating system
  • Heat up your home much faster
  • Reduce the gas or electric bill
  • Offer high ratings on energy efficiency
  • Balance the level of moisture inside your home
  • Prevent the emission of carbon dioxide
  • Reduce the heating and cooling system workload
  • Enhance your property’s value.

Many of our engineers have vast experience working on all forms of inverter systems for biomass boilers, solar panels, air source heat pumps, and ground source heat pumps – covering a wide variety of vendors (including Mitsubishi, NIBE, CTC, Nilan, Calorex, Water Furnace, Steibel, Daiken), sizes, ages, and specifications. So, no matter the kind of heat pump system, you can rely on The Mittens Heat Pumps UK to take care of it and ensure it gives you nothing but the best.

Service Plans

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK has built a range of repair and service contracts to help heat pump systems to offer reliability and peace of mind for our customers. Service contracts are an ideal way to ensure the upkeep of your heat pump servicing routine.

Your seasonal maintenance is covered when you sign up for a plan, so you don’t have to think about scheduling a deadline for the service. You just relax and let your annual servicing come from the experts.

Annual Servicing

Annual servicing is a must to preserve the warranty and peace of mind that the heating system is being provided for by the manufacturers.

If a problem is found during the annual servicing or the heating pump ceases operating, we will arrange on-site visits to the value of 10 through our own national network of certified heat-pump engineers.

Heat-pump Breakdown Services

Having a heat-pump breakdown? The Mittens Heat Pumps UK can provide technical support by phone and/or arrange a visit to complete repairs from one of our accredited heat-pump service engineers in the UK. We offer ground source and air source heat pumps servicing and repairs as well as heat recovery units.

Our maintenance plan for your broken-down heat pump provides once-off repairs where possible and ongoing support for your heat pumps and controls to help ensure that they continue to work properly and minimise the chances of mechanical and electrical breakdown.

Get in Touch

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To schedule a date, please contact The Mittens Heat Pumps UK today! Do not wait before your heating equipment breaks down to figure out that the smart way to go is a service plan from The Mittens Heat Pumps UK. Call us on 01273257407 to get started now!

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