About Us

Founded in 2013, a small family-owned electrical company has grown into a large multi-tiered business that offers a wide range of electrical services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Every Mittens Heatpumps customer loves and profits from the same oriented, versatile delivery strategy and a commitment to ensure that each job is performed to the highest standards.

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Choose Mittens Heatpumps to supply your next project, electronic.

Why Choose Us?

About 80 per cent of our clients continue to work with us after their first project has been completed. We have asked them why …

Remarks: We watch out for information. All the main factors when selecting Mittens Heat pumps are our proven industry-leading experience and a clear emphasis on safety, regulation and accreditation. Customers also invite us to get involved in their project design early to help reduce expensive design oversights.

Fidelity: Happy clients mean that we earn a lot of positive word of mouth reviews, which also means that when we act on their introductions, the reputations of our partners are under scrutiny. Our ability to share our experience and awareness of the goods within the organisations of our partners helps to establish a mutually beneficial working partnership and reciprocates the trust.

With over six years of experience providing quality service and solutions to our customers, we are continually trying to improve not only our brand but also that of our partners. Service and efficiency drive everything that we do. It depends on practise.

Have you got a major project?

Mittens Heat pumps in the South East’s largest electrical and related service supplier, we are genuine specialists in successfully delivering major projects with an established track record and several years of repeat contract awards from the most challenging and important sectors.