Heat Pump Installation and Servicing

Installation and Service

Heat pump technology delivers up to four times more energy than it uses by capturing clean energy present in the air outside of the home.

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK has the engineering expertise to provide you with efficient heat pumps that match the heating needs of your home or office building, providing comfort while substantially reducing your energy bills. You will benefit from our experience as a fully accredited heat pumps company and a premium partner to some of the world’s best manufacturers of heat pumps, guaranteeing you the standard of our workmanship and engineering.

We will simplify the choices for you and install the right system for an efficiently heated property, whether it be ground source or air source heat pumps, underfloor heating, solar or automatic ventilation, or heat recovery.

While providing your cost-effective air source heating on-site, we can also provide you with a complete HVAC solution, thus reducing the need for numerous on-site contractors and increasing your project’s performance.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge about renewable heating technology and we offer work warranty and aftercare service for 10 years.

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Our Guarantee

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What’s Included in our Installation

Installing heat pumps requires a high degree of technical expertise. A number of different technologies are available, some of which work with your existing heating hardware and others requiring a complete refit. Therefore, it is very important that you engage a competent person’s services whenever you wish to invest in a new heat pump system or upgrade your existing system.

As specialists in the installation and services of heat pumps, you can rely on us to deliver a complete value-added operation, installing heat pump equipment to keep your home warm and safe and at the same time helping to minimise your electricity bills.

Our value-added installation services include:

Expert Planning and Consultation

An important component of your house is your heat pump system. Therefore, it is essential that you seek advice from a competent person on how best to install, maintain and repair all components of your heat pump system. Whether you are installing a new system or looking to have an existing piece of equipment serviced for the first time, knowing how to navigate any project is half the battle. The Mittens Heat Pumps UK assists homeowners, property managers, developers and business customers by offering comprehensive advice on every aspect of the heat pump installation.

While the installation of a heat pump in domestic premises is deemed a permitted development and does not require a planning permit application, given that all the applicable limitations and requirements are met, our planning and consultancy services are clearly tailored to prevent any significant issues from arising, as well as to help develop and install a system that will function more effectively and efficiently for many years.

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Quick Convenient Installation

We view a new heating installation from The Mittens Heat Pumps UK as an opportunity for you to make a sound investment in your home or business. That’s why we use a proven step-by-step system that helps you through every phase of any project you’re considering.

We’ll start by sitting down with you to go over your particular needs. We cover all of that in detail. We then carry out a thorough review of your existing HVAC system to fully assess its current state and make informed recommendations.

We will arrive fully prepared when we are ready to install your new system and will minimise any disruption to your life. Your new system will be installed as fast as possible, and thoroughly tested to match the manufacturer’s quoted efficiency levels. When the job is done, you’ll be 100% content with the results.

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK is the recognised expert for helping you choose the best heating installation for your home after more than 10 years of providing new heat pump installations in the UK. Contact us today to book an enquiry.

Is Your Heat Pump System in Need of Servicing?

Just like with every other heating or cooling system, heat pumps profit from regular preventive maintenance. Regular maintenance of heat pumps helps keep the machine running effectively. It also helps to protect the compressor and other components from damage.

Therefore, in addition to maintaining reliability of the heat pump system, routine service reduces the risk of unanticipated and potentially expensive repairs. A well-maintained system of heating and cooling is crucial for energy efficiency, comfort and cost-effectiveness.

You can be sure your system is optimised for the heating and cooling seasons by scheduling professional heat pump maintenance at least once a year.

Expert Engineers in Heat Pump Services

There’s never a good time for your HVAC system to break down but there’s always a good time to get it fixed with The Mittens Heat Pumps’s fast, 24-hour service. We know our way around all makes and models of heat pumps as expert heat pump engineers in the neighbourhood.

We can quickly diagnose any problem you may be having with your heat pump system and walk you through every step, as we do a reliable repair. Our proficient heat-pump technicians are qualified to solve your problem quickly. We can give you a quick analysis and a solution if you have any heat pump problem.

If your heat pump is beyond repair, our specialist technicians may then also recommend a solution that is right for you. When making our decision we will bear in mind your desires and budget. And we’ll get the job done quickly so that you can enjoy a warm home as soon and as long as possible.

Our techs are available 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have. If you need any kind of heating or cooling service, The Mittens Heat Pumps UK is available to take your call. Phone 01273 257407 or contact us online.

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A Service Once Every 3 Years of Heat Pump Systems is Recommended

We recommend that HVAC servicing be scheduled regularly. Such routine visits help spot possible problems before they get worse and damage the system. Maintenance will also ensure that the device operates at optimum energy output, which will result in a longer life cycle of the machine (and a fairer energy bill).

Thanks to our extensive product and operational knowledge, we recommend that you service your residential pumps at least once a year and that commercial units be serviced between two to four times a year, depending on their use.

At The Mittens Heat Pumps UK, we encourage our customers to take effective care of their heat pump units. Our technicians are very friendly, and a call to service will leave you with a sense of security and confidence that your unit will perform at the optimum level. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or enquiries. Call 01273 257407 or contact us online for any maintenance, cleaning, replacement of filters or repair requirements you may have.

Our Services

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK has helped hundreds of people in the UK select and install renewable heat solutions within their homes and offices since YEAR10. We are specialists in heating and renewable energy systems. We provide services of design, consultancy and installation for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

With a wealth of experience in the renewable heating sector, we are proud to provide expert advice on and quality installations of heat pumps from ground and air sources, underfloor heating and solar energy systems.

Consultancy Service

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK provides support and consulting services for a range of clients and partners in the heat pump industry. Our engineers and specialists have several years of expertise in dealing with heat pump issues, and we will use this knowledge to assist customers with their different needs.

We give our initial suggestions and recommendations to everyone, but can also prepare complete heat loss estimates, comprehensive operating cost and energy usage forecasts and measurements and options to help with feasibility studies.

This means that The Mittens Heat Pumps UK offers a variety of services, ranging from a site visit and some basic advice, right up to a dedicated design team to work on projects of any size.

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Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance and servicing of heat pumps have many advantages. First and foremost, it preserves the manufacturer’s warranties which if not executed may become void. We can offer ongoing maintenance contracts for heat pumps for your peace of mind and the longevity of your system and its warranty.

We also provide a fault-finding and diagnostic service for existing systems that have historical issues. Our know-how puts us in a good position to address most heat pump issues, analyse and discover problems and provide solutions.

If you decide to sign a maintenance contract with us, we will carry out yearly service visits to ensure that your heat pump system runs efficiently and effectively. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, our 24-hour emergency team can provide telephone support for customers with a maintenance contract.

If a site visit is needed, we put the client with an existing maintenance contract first before others. Maintenance contract customers may also benefit from reduced call-out rates when a visit to the site is required. You can contact us or call us at 01273 257407 if you wish to discuss your heat pump service options or investigate setting up a maintenance contract.

Heat Design Services

Heat Design Services

The key to ensuring a heat pump system is effective and efficient lies in the comprehensive and accurate design of the heat pumps. Moreover, since renewable energy systems, particularly heat pumps, are by their very nature complex, they need to be carefully engineered to ensure that they operate at optimum performance levels.

While most manufacturers provide straightforward designs to get their equipment to work, The Mittens Heat Pumps UK will exceed those basic designs and ensure that the equipment is designed to work with the overall system optimally. By employing our own design team, we can bring the full strength of our installation experience to bear on projects and will always tailor the solution to suit your site’s specific needs.

The principal benefit of our unique projects can be found in the performance of the equipment. Our systems work consistently to the highest levels of performance so that the little additional spending in thoughtful design and implementation can be mirrored in considerable savings in future years.

If you are trying to retrofit a heat pump in an existing home or want some pricing and specs for a new building project in the works, email us today to book your free survey or ask questions about heat pumps or other technology.

Part Replacement

Did you know that fake, substandard or wrong parts and equipment are the primary causes of bad heat pump operations and poor longevity? When a malfunction occurs in your heat pump, repair may require replacing one or more components. Where a component replacement is needed, we may be able to do this using spares routinely carried by the technician.

However, we do not promise that spare parts will always be available on site and there may be times when we will have to order them from the manufacturer or reliable vendors.

Nevertheless, The Mittens Heat Pumps UK can source, secure and supply the original heat pump part and accessories you need, saving you the trouble and pain of using poor products. Bear in mind, where a return visit is required to fit the ordered parts, it may be chargeable. We are ready to help you with your heat pump installation.

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