Heat Pumps for New Builds and Self-builders

Do you dream of a house permanently warm and not expensive to heat? If yes, then a heat pump system is for you. Heat pump systems can provide hot water, heating, and cooling making them an ideal choice for new builds. The Mittens Heat Pumps UK has been working with self-builders for over 10 years, delivering heat pump solutions. We have successfully installed over 10 ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

Heat Pumps in New Builds

Heat pumps are a natural option for new builds that combine low carbon footprint with reduced running costs. Heat pumps are a cost-effective option for replacing oil heating. In well-insulated new buildings, a heat pump can be installed as part of an interconnected network and can work better and be optimised for lower peak heat demand, with a corresponding reduced capital cost.

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Heat Pumps are a Perfect Fit for New Builds

When it comes to new build projects, green technology is always the right option. Energy-efficient, non-fossil-fuel-based heating systems cut heating costs and CO2 emissions by 30% on average. In new buildings and renovations, air source heat pumps are common because they operate exceptionally well in properties designed to the most stringent regulations and fit efficiently with underfloor heating.

Air Source Heat Pumps in New Builds

Are you exploring options to meet your new build’s heating needs? Air source heat pumps are ticking more and more boxes for self-builders. With financial consequences, SAP scores, efficiency, installation process, and quality becoming essential factors when deciding which heating system to go for in a building, air source heat pumps are increasingly becoming a significant option in new builds.

Air source heat pumps use advanced technologies to smartly control heat demand and supply between space heating and hot water, and provide the most effective way of meeting the heat demands of a building.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps in New Builds

Ground source heat pumps are perfect for heating new builds, saving you money on heating bills and maintenance, and producing a guaranteed quarterly income via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for seven years for single houses, twenty years income for multiple units.

A ground source heat pump system works on the same principle as a refrigerator or air conditioner. It simply removes heat from one spot and passes it to another location. This technology and the soil’s thermal properties will provide a green solution for your heating and cooling needs. Go underground and enjoy the advantages of ground source heat pumps today!

Heat Pumps and Modern Heating Solutions (Underfloor Heating + Air Conditioning)

The use of natural energy sources for heating or cooling makes heat pumps a sustainable part of HVAC systems worldwide.

Ground source heat pumps operate better for heating systems that are designed to run at a lower water temperature than is typically found in boiler and radiator systems in the UK. This makes them an excellent match for underfloor heating systems as well. Both heat pump and an air conditioner are a great choice but, heat pumps may be more appropriate for your requirements since they offer both heating and cooling.

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Heating for Each Building Type

In medium and large buildings, heat pumps are widely used to provide both heating and cooling. If correctly designed and built, they offer an excellent potential of saving electricity and reducing carbon emissions, relative to conventional building heating and cooling technologies.

Single Room Heat Pumps

A single room heat pump has one inside unit and one outside unit which is suitable if you need to heat or cool a single room in your house. This could be the lounge where the family meets where you’d prefer to keep the atmosphere warm and inviting or any other room where you’d like to keep comfortable and cosy.

Multi-room Heat Pumps

Multi-room heat pumps help you to heat or air condition a variety of rooms in your home while also allowing you to have individual temperature control in each room. That is because heat pumps in different rooms have multiple indoor heat pump systems, usually all attached to one outside unit. These are the best option for complete home heating and air conditioning for homes with no roof or floor area.

Heating Rooms

Naturally, self-builders are expected to live in their homes for many years, so they stand to enjoy long-term savings from lower energy bills provided by heat pump technology.

The number of people living in your new home and the size of your property will decide the amount of heat you need. It’s smart to plan for a little more than you require now so that you stay covered should your heating need increase.

Domestic Hot Water Production

Heat pumps are commonly used to heat domestic hot water, which is the hot water used in kitchens, washing machines, sinks, baths, and so on. There is a special type of heat pump designed for heating domestic hot water only. The system extracts heat from the outside and uses it to heat your hot water. This particular heat pump only supplies hot water to sinks and showers, etc. in the home. It’s a great choice for new builds.

Build Your Own Solution

Starting from scratch presents the perfect occasion to create an efficient, easy-to-operate and affordable heating system. To build the home of your dreams, it’s vital to integrate a modern heating system that matches your lifestyle.

To enjoy warmth throughout the year that is not just environmentally friendly but also pocket friendly, go for a heat pump solution – either an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump. For optimum results, combine with an underfloor heating system to keep your home heated and cosy.

Simple Heat Pumps for Self-builders

An ideal scenario to embrace renewable heating is a new build project. From this ultimate blank slate, you can tailor the heating system for your property to meet low carbon regulations and reduce ongoing utility bills. For self-build schemes, the solution to effective heating and hot water is always a ground source heat pump or an air source heat pump.

Go ahead and call The Mittens Heat Pumps UK on 01273257407 to see how we can help you if you are undertaking a self-building project or you are an architect looking to work with a company whose reputation is built on delivering efficient heating systems and providing the best service to you and the end user.

Our Support for Self-builders

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK provides clear advice and guidance on the best air source heat pump and ground source heat pump solutions for you as a self-builder working on your own new build or retrofit project. Our heating specialists will develop proposals for the appropriate, ideal installation in your new build by calculating the heating load and inspecting the space available and the structural condition, and size the system accordingly. Contact The Mittens Heat Pumps UK on 01273257407 today for support and guidance on heat pumps for new builds.

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Delivering Smarter Buildings for the Future

Multi-zone Heating for Buildings

When you have multi-zone heating and cooling built in your home, you effectively divide your house into multiple zones which are regulated separately by temperature. Each zone has its own thermostat which can be adjusted to specific temperatures. Whereas a central heating and cooling unit aim for a standardised temperature setting, multi-zone temperature regulation accommodates the temperature needs of each person residing in the household.

A zoned heating system enables heat delivery to be managed better. When you need it, you can crank up the heat exactly where you need it – resulting in substantial savings on your energy bills.

Programmable Thermostats for Scheduled Heating

A programmable thermostat offers the ultimate solution to returning back to an uncomfortable home after a hard day’s work because you are trying to save energy. It also solves the problem of having to pay for over 8 hours of heating or cooling when you’re away from home.

With a programmable thermostat, you can automatically change the temperature in your home based on pre-set instructions for each hour of the day. You can programme it for as many days as you want to guarantee convenience, comfort, and energy savings. When you are sleeping or away from home, you can save money on your heating and cooling costs by just resetting the thermostat. You can do so automatically using a programmable thermostat.

Energy Consumption and Cost Reports

Trying to control your home or company’s energy consumption and costs? The smartest way to reduce your home’s energy consumption and save on hefty energy bills is to track how energy is being used in your home so that you can make adjustments where necessary.

Fortunately, several apps exist that can help you keep track of your energy consumption. If used in combination with an adaptive thermostat and a mobile app for energy management, you can optimise your energy output, protecting the world and your pocket from needless pressure.

SmartPhone Controls.

There are many apps on the market which are designed to help people calculate, track and generally reduce their use of energy. These energy-efficiency apps do this by helping the user pick more energy-efficient products, communicating with the user’s thermostat, or by simply automating the user’s home appliance control.

Weather Reports

Using local weather data lets you determine the safest and most effective HVAC techniques for your property when temperatures go down. You will secure your construction structures and other properties by collecting hyper-local data, while also increasing the reliability of your cleaning and maintenance schedules.

You may also customise different features according to your lifestyle. Ever forget to grab a jacket or umbrella and get caught in the rain? When bad weather is forecast your Smart Home will warn you on your phone, and you can better prepare yourself.

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Heat Pumps are Becoming the Heating Solution of Choice for New Build Properties and for Self-builders

When you are building a new property, you have the opportunity to lead the way for the building’s energy efficiency. If your new build property is well insulated and you are off the mains gas grid, go for air source heat pumps as your heating solution.

Because air source heat pumps work well with underfloor heating, they are a top choice with new build developers. Properly installed, an air source heat pump can supply all your hot water needs and space heating all year round.

Modern, Compact, and Efficient Heating

A heat pump is a modern solution that’s constantly being improved. The technology provides an energy-efficient solution for environments with mild cooling and heating requirements. They are compact and lightweight, particularly air source heat pumps. Because of this quality, air source heat pumps can accommodate a wide range of components. However, installing air source heat pumps in your new build is a highly specialised task and should only be performed by a licensed professional.

Safer Heating

You have to worry about carbon monoxide when you’re running a gas furnace to heat up your home. Heat pumps are safer because they don’t depend on combustion. Heat pumps do not burn fuel the way furnaces do with gas or propane.

Since heat pumps move heat from one location to another, they don’t need to burn fuel for heat production. Rather, they rely on electricity to move heat – and not much electricity, either. This also means that they have fewer safety concerns than electric furnaces.

Lower Bills

A heat pump will reduce energy costs each month. When you use heat pumps in your house, the energy costs can be decreased by up to 30% or more. That is because heat pumps are more efficient than electric heat or gas. Heat pumps move heat from one place to another by their very definition, but in reality, they do not create that heat so you don’t have to pay for its creation.

Longer Lasting and Less Replacements

The lifespan of heat pumps is fairly long, even up to 50 years, but somewhere between 14 and 15 years is the normal lifespan of the machines. Given those figures, they are an incredibly efficient and stable heat source.

Future Proof from the Start

Heat pumps are ideal for new builds. The technology helps you to future proof your home against rising energy bills.

After 10 years, most heating and cooling systems start showing their age. You will also save on heating and cooling supplies, in addition to saving on utility expenditures.

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The Mittens Heat Pumps UK will support your new project from start to finish and our handover programme helps the owner of the property when they are ready to move in. We provide an unbeatable aftercare kit that guarantees the heat pump system is operationally efficient all year round.

The Mittens Heat Pumps UK is your heating partner with decades of experience in renewable heating. For new buildings and renovations, we design, supply, install and maintain heat pump systems and help homeowners switch to energy-efficient heating and hot water. Call us today on 01273257407 to discuss your project.

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